Sustainable Spear Fishing Event Interview.

Sustainable Spear Fishing Event Interview.

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Today we have an interview from katy Davidson who is talking all about her sustainable Spearfishing event, so let's dive straight in.

1. Name, location & Occupation.

Katy Davidson, Cornwall - Events & Experiences Host & Journalist.

2. What motivated you to organise a sustainable spearfishing event specifically for women?

As an overarching theme of my life,  I’ve always been interested in the most natural, hunter gatherer ways of living, to connect us to the earth and take us back to being an engaged part of what makes us human rather than a passive recipient of industrialised commerce. Sourcing our own food is really the ultimate expression of that.

Subsistence levels of harvesting fish from our environment is inherently sustainable, especially when, compared to commercial fishing practices.

Having entered the discipline at a later age than many women may, I was conscious of the fact that it may seem intimidating to some, especially as a male dominated niche activity. It’s also a something which takes a lot of investment to get started in.

The joy and numinosity of immersing yourself in this environment whilst hunting for your dinner, is something that I feel every human should feel and experience at some point; it is a vital part of being human and recognising our place in this natural ecosystem, before it's forgotten entirely in favour of pixels and packaging.

The fact that we’re organising this event with supportive businesses helping with kit and community means a much easier entry for women who may have thought it wasn’t within reach.

3. Why did you want Seashell to get involved in the event, and how will be help on the day?

I was lucky enough to have been bought a Seashell robe by my mother as a birthday present, who’d observed my salty activities and researched the best bit of kit for my comfort and discretion on the shore when hastily preparing to get in the water or the first thing I grab when I get out (sometimes driving home in my wetsuit to undress in the shower, with the robe keeping my car dry!)

I was really pleased with the design of the robe and it felt particularly appropriate to the essence of my activities so when I researched further and saw the community that Seashell had built I felt inspired to get in touch as it seemed we had a similar outlook on the deeper work of owning a business that creates more than the sum of its parts, culture change and community strength.

4. How does this event promote sustainable & ethical practices within the realm of spearfishing?

Spearfishing is inherently sustainable, as long as people are responsible. This responsibility and knowledge is something that is shared within the community and we all hold each other to account. Spearfishing courses ensure participants are informed about the need to be aware of sustainable choices and minimum catch sizes. There are tools for measurement of crustacea and guides for minimum fish sizes. Participants will be told how to swiftly and cleanly dispatch their catch as this is essential both for practical reasons out on the water and for ethical reasons.

We’re also promoting the choice of natural lubricant for getting in and out of your wetsuit with event Supporter Octacle. Many people use cheap hair conditioner full of chemicals or petroleum based lube, this of course is then released in to the water table, it may seem like a small amount but its something to be aware of and Octacle seaweed based lube is tackling that issue with its totally natural product that not only doesn’t contaminate the water, but keeps your skin healthy too.

5. How important is it for women to actively engage in sustainable outdoor activities like Spearfishing?

It has long been thought that historically, it was only men who engaged in hunting for the tribe, however, just as the lioness is the primary hunter in the plains of Africa, women held a much more active role in hunting in many cultures of the past. To be responsible and capable of venturing out into the world at large, particularly a foreign environment such as under the ocean, and successfully stalking, targeting, shooting and harvesting your own food - on a single breath, is one of the most empowering actions a human can take. The empowerment, self sufficiency and connection of this activity, as well as the physical, mental and numinous rewards is something that improves health, well being and connection to nature and our community.

6. Can you highlight any success stories or positive impacts on marine ecosystems that have resulted from previous sustainable Spearfishing events?

As a growing sport there haven't been many spearfishing events to refer to in the uK so far, however last year saw the first Spearfishing Cartel Rodeo where, amongst the fishing, there was a competition for the most rubbish collected. Most spearfishers make a habit of picking up rubbish they find in the oceans, and are actually key figures in spotting issues like large ghost nets,  injured animals and sewage problems.

7. Will there be any experts or guest speakers at the event who Spearfishing in sustainable spearfishing practices?

Myself and Joy have been spearfishing for a good few years and my background in sustainable food advocacy, journalism and campaigning has me well placed to share my knowledge and expertise on the aspects of sustainability in spearfishing

8. How can women who are passionate about sustainable Spearfishing get involved or support this event?

Follow @huntressandhome to keep abreast of developments and future social and paid events.

What is one piece of advice for women looking into starting Spearfishing?

Join community groups on social media, follow experienced women like ourselves and  @valentinethomas on social media, take a course, make sure you buddy up! But mostly, have fun and be safe.

In conclusion.

Thank you to Katy for taking the time to tell us all about her sustainable spearfishing event. It is very clear how passionate she is about educating people about a more natural and sustainable way of fishing. We are very excited to hear about how it all went from Katy herself and the women who joined her. All the best to all involved. 

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