Why are doing Beach Cleans important?

Why are doing Beach Cleans important?

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Beaches are one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on Earth, but they are also at risk of becoming polluted with plastic waste and other debris. This is where beach cleans come in. In this blog, we will discuss why beach cleans are important and the impact they can have on our planet.

What are beach cleans? 

Beach cleans are organized events where volunteers come together to clean up litter and other debris from beaches. These events are typically organized by local organizations or individuals who are passionate about protecting the environment. During a beach clean, volunteers will typically pick up litter, sort it into categories (e.g. plastic, glass, metal), and dispose of it properly.

Why are beach cleans important? 

1. Protect marine life:

Marine animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, and whales can become entangled in plastic waste or ingest it, leading to injury or death. By removing litter from beaches, we can prevent this from happening and protect these vulnerable species. 

2. Prevent pollution:

When plastic waste and other debris are left on the beach, they can be carried into the ocean by the tide and currents. This leads to pollution of the ocean and harm to marine life. 

3. Preserve the natural beauty of beaches:

Beaches are natural wonders that provide habitat for a variety of plant and animal species. Litter and debris can detract from the natural beauty of beaches and harm the wildlife that calls them home.

4. Raise awareness:

Beach cleans are a great way to raise awareness about the impact of litter on our environment. By seeing the amount of waste that is collected from a single beach, people can be motivated to reduce their own waste and take action to protect the environment. 

5. Improve public health:

Litter on beaches can pose a health risk to humans. Broken glass and other sharp objects can cause injury, and discarded needles and other hazardous waste can spread disease. By cleaning up beaches, we can make them safer for everyone to enjoy. 

Man in a loch
Girl at the beach

How can you get involved in beach cleans?  

1. Participate in a local beach clean event: 

Check with your local organizations or city to see if there are any upcoming beach clean events in your area. Joining a group of volunteers can be a great way to meet new people and make a positive impact on the environment. 

2. Organize a beach clean:

If there are no beach clean events in your area, consider organizing your own. You can recruit friends and family to help, and promote your event on social media. 

3. Practice responsible waste disposal: 

You can also do your part to reduce litter by properly disposing of waste, recycling whenever possible, and avoiding single-use plastics. 

If you see people dropping litter, don't be afraid to politely ask them to pop it in the bin to keep the planet more clean. Showing a good example to the new generation is very important to make sure we do our bit.

In conclusion.

In conclusion, beach cleans are an important way to protect our oceans, wildlife, and natural environment. By participating in or organizing a beach clean, you can make a positive impact on the planet and raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste. Remember, every piece of litter removed from a beach is one less piece of pollution in our oceans. Let's continue to do out bit for humans and all other creatures we share planet earth with.

Thank you for reading our blog about why doing beach cleans are very important. We are going to be putting on some beach cleans through Seashell and hope to see there.

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