Dip a Day April 2023 - Why you should be joining the challenge this year.

Dip a Day April 2023 -  Why you should be joining the challenge this year.

Welcome to our Seashell blog posts where we dive into the stories of the Seashell people. We hope to use this space and platform to inspire others and to start important conversations.    

Today we are looking the 10 simple reasons why you should take on the Dip A Day Challenge this April.

What is the Dip A Day Challenge?

For the entire month of April, we challenge you to get out in cold water every day, whether it's a quick dip in the ocean, a plunge into a cold barrel, or a refreshing cold shower. 

We did this last year in the month of October and it is safe to say it was a great success. We had people from all over the world taking on this daily dip in the cold water.

We received so much positive feedback and incredible stories of personal growth and transformation that we knew we had to bring it back for another year.

This year's challenge is going to be even more exciting and adventurous than before. We have new dipping spots and challenges for you to try, and we will be providing you with even more resources and support to help you make the most out of your daily dips.

Fundraising for the Marine Conservation Society.

With your help, this year we are aiming to fundraise £1,000 for the Marine Conservation Society, so you can feel good knowing that you're making a difference in protecting our oceans and marine life.

We hope to share the good that the fundraising does to all involved. We like to think big picture and hope to give back.

Mental Health Benefits.

Whether you're a seasoned cold water dipper or completely new to the experience, this challenge is for you.
Take on the April Daily Dip Challenge and discover the benefits of cold water immersions. 

Let's look at some of the benefits!

How do I sign up?

If you need no more convincing that click on the link below that will take you to the registration. You will receive your starter pack and then you are all ready to go come the start of April.

If you are still not sure whether cold water dipping is something you want to do then continue to read...

1. Boost your immune system.

Cold water dips have been known to boost your immune system, which is crucial as we head into allergy season.

Because the body is forced to deal with the sudden change in temperature whilst being in cold water it helps to boost the body’s white blood cell count. 

Many who regularly get cold water exposure rarely get sick as their bodies over time learn to adapt to the changing temperatures/conditions. Our bodies being able to adapt is one of the best ways we can stay healthy and have a resilient immune system.

The sudden change of temperature back and forth will for sure get the body and mind working, adapting and become stronger as a result.  

2. Increase your energy levels.

 A cold water dip in the morning can help wake you up and increase your energy levels for the rest of the day. Most people nowadays revert to drinking coffee to help them wake up and ready for the day ahead. But imagine being able to get a similar feeling from getting into cold water?

Although a cold dip in the morning may sound horrible, they are a actually a perfect way to get a natural energy boost!

The cold water helps increase the heart rate, the oxygen intake and gives the body a strong rush of energy which is needed for more people in the morning.

If you know someone who already does cold water dipping, you may find they are more perky/full of energy in general.

3.Improve circulation.

Cold water dips can improve circulation, which can lead to better skin, improved digestion, and increased brain function. 

The cold water gets the blood moving around our bodies. The blood rushes to the surface of your skin which in turn flushes your arteries, veins and capillaries. 

You often see people who come out of the water have bright red skin and this is exactly why. Many find that their hands and feet get very cold whilst in water. This is because the blood rushes from your extremities to warm up the vital organs.

4. Building Resilience.

There are studies that show how cold showers can relieve depression and improve your mood due to the intense impact of the cold on the skin's receptors. 
This produces an overwhelming number of electrical impulses to the brain which in turn creates an antidepressant effect.
Being in the cold water at the beginning is usually pretty tough, but if you focus on your breath, you will find that you have more control than you think. You begin to focus on your breathing and how your skins feels. 
People tend to find that having cold water showers gives them the space and time to focus on themselves. Although it is difficult to get in and during, the feeling you get afterwards is often very euphoric and leaves you feeling warm, tingly, very alert and awake. 
Pushing through the pain at the beginning also allows you to realise that you can get through other tough situations that may come in life. The extreme cold causes the body to get into the “fight or flight” mode briefly where we can then adapt in being able to handle this stress or other hard situations throughout life. 

Man in waterfall
Jumping into water

5. Reduce stress and anxiety. 

Being in cold water has been shown to reduce stress and depression alongside improving people’s memory function and concentration. It is amazing what the brain can and will do. Due to the nature of being in cold water, one of the best ways to deal with it is to concentrate and focus on your breathing. 

Deep breaths taken before, during and after can keep you calm and collected but also to allow you to have control. In doing this, it allows you to then be able to take these feelings into other aspects of life and to know that using your breath can calm you down and allow you to be more resilient. Many studies have shown that cold water swimmers are more relaxed and calm in their day to day lives as a result.  

6. It gets you outside into nature. 

During this day and age, we all tend to spend most or a lot of time indoors in front of screens and artificial light. 

We naturally crave the great outdoors. Pardon the pun but I think it is deeply rooted within us to be in the outdoors. Getting outside and grounding ourselves, walking barefoot in the sand, being in water or walking in the forest for example has many very powerful, therapeutic and healing effects. It gets us exercising our bodies whilst calming the mind and elevating our spirits. 

To add to this, being in nature doesn’t only help to improve your mood but reduces stress, lower stress hormone levels, lower blood pressure, enhances the immune system and increases your self- esteem. Getting out into cold water is such a great way for this.

7. It is an amazing way to get socialising/ build communities.

Cold water dipping and swimming has naturally become a community-based activity. Many are heading out regularly with their friends. In doing so people are socialising out in nature. Laughing, smiling, exercising and in a space where people can be themselves.

Although many would describe themselves as being an “introvert”, we are all hard wired for connections with other humans.

By nature, it is more safe when we head out with other people. We would always encourage people to not go alone. The more and more you do it, the more people you will meet doing the same thing. Groups will form along with bonds. Often groups then set goals and challenges. 

Sharing these experiences can often bring a lot more joy than if you did it solo. We have found that many people who have come to our events have ended up making really good friends that they now meet outside of Seashell. The screams of laughter of those coming for cold water dips are testament to this and always seems to bring out our inner child. 

8. Try something New.

It is easy to settle into a routine and never step outside our comfort zone. The Dip A Day challenge gives the opportunity and safe space to try something new. Dipping may not be something people would ever try on their own so doing at as part of a challenge makes you feel like you are part of something bigger.

Taking a cold water dip every day in April is a fun and exciting way to try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether it is at home in a barrel/shower or with a group of friends, 
we will all be doing this together as a collective. 

That is the Seashell Spirit.

Woman walking in the sea
Man walking through fishing village

In conclusion.

It is clear there are so many positives for you physically and mentally when you get into cold water dipping.

So why not give it a try and see how it can improve your life? Let's go for it and get dipping!

Thank you for reading our blog about the Dip A Day challenge. If you sign up to the challenge, all the information will be there but if you have any questions at all just let us know.

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