Why Drybag Backpacks Are the Ultimate Adventure Companion


Why Drybag Backpacks Are the Ultimate Adventure Companion

As every camper, surfer, kayaker, and climber knows, having a suitable backpack for your outdoor adventures is absolutely essential. This blog highlights the importance of having a Seashell Dry Bag during any water-related activities, sharing the top reasons why drybag backpacks are the ultimate adventure companion. 

Waterproof Materials

Given the name, you would expect a drybag to offer waterproof protection. And of course, it does exactly that! The primary appeal of any drybag backpack is its ability to keep contents dry, no matter the conditions. Seashell Clothing's drybag backpack s are designed with a fully waterproof main compartment and water-resistant front pocket. Crafted from high-quality 500D PVC, this drybag is perfect for water-related activities such as kayaking, boating, and even unexpected rain during hiking trips. With these backpacks, you can confidently store everything from your Seashell Robe to your towel, swimsuit, and even electronics without fear of water damage. 

Designed for Comfort

Adventure gear must not only be functional but also comfortable to carry. We design our drybag backpacks with the user’s comfort in mind. With its padded back, broad shoulder straps, and cross-body chest clip, the Seashell Drybag is highly suited to extended use. The front chest strap is adjustable for added comfort and customisation, reducing strain during long treks.

Spacious Interior

Pack all your essentials in your Seashell Drybag ready for your outdoor adventure. This drybag offers 25L of space in its main compartment, alongside extra internal and mesh pockets for organised storage. 


Your Seashell Drybag is your constant companion, built to tough it out through the harshest of weather conditions. You can trust that your kit is secure and will never get damp. Its 500D PVC coating is a weatherproof shield designed for all conditions. 

Convenient Roll-Down Mechanism

A key feature of the Seashell Drybag is its roll-top closure system, keeping your contents safe and dry. This closure system is not only effective at keeping water out but also allows for adjustable storage capacity. Whether you need to carry a small load or pack extra gear, the roll-top design adapts to your needs. The roll-top design is a widely popular and adaptable option, often chosen by kayakers, hikers, campers, or anyone heading to the beach. 

Multiple Compartments

The Seashell Drybag comes equipped with several pockets and compartments, making it easy to sort and store your gear systematically. This design is especially favoured by anglers, photographers, or anyone who appreciates the convenience of well-organised packing. 

Easy Access to Water Bottles

Mesh pockets on each side of the Seashell Dry Bag provide easy access to water bottles and flasks. These pockets are conveniently placed so you can quickly grab your water bottle or flask without having to stop, take off your backpack, and dig through your main compartment.

Outside Water-Resistant Zip Pocket

The convenience of having a water-resistant zip pocket on the outside of your Seashell Drybag cannot be overstated. This pocket is designed for quick and easy access to essential items like your phone, keys, or wallet. Instead of rummaging through your main compartment, potentially exposing your gear to the wind and rain or taking valuable time away from your adventure, you can simply unzip this external pocket and retrieve what you need.

Great for Everyday Use

Drybags are not just practical for water sports but are suitable for a wide range of activities. Photographers can use them to protect camera gear from moisture, anglers can keep their equipment dry, and campers can protect their sleeping bags and clothes from wind and rain. The multifunctional design of the Seashell Drybag also makes it an excellent choice for everyday use, whether for commuting, travel, as an emergency kit, or any of the following activities:


Keep all your belongings dry with the Seashell Drybag, whether you're kayaking, sailing, or boating, even if you accidentally drop it in the water!


Make use of the ample storage for cycling gear, snacks, and extra clothing layers when cycling, without having to worry about heavy downpours. 


Also at risk of getting wet in the rain and unpredictable conditions, anglers can benefit from the Seashell Drybag’s multiple compartments and waterproof design, useful for storing fishing gear, tackle, and personal items.


The Seashell Drybag is also perfect for exploring a new city and even everyday commuting. Its robust construction and water-resistant properties make it suitable for various travel conditions, protecting your belongings from unexpected weather changes.

Sustainable Materials

At Seashell Clothing , we believe that fashion and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. We incorporate recycled materials across our entire product line and are continuously exploring new methods to further our sustainability efforts. Our products are packaged and shipped in recycled plastic or paper, as we strive to minimise waste.

Stylish Design

While functionality is your utmost priority, style is not compromised with the Seashell Drybag. Available in Stone and Black, this drybag’s considerate embroidery and carefully stitched arm strap mark it as both fashionable and functional, meeting your everyday needs. 

Seashell Drybags: Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion

Shop now and find the perfect drybag to accompany you on all your outdoor adventures!

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