Rowing 2000 Miles - The Toughest Race in the World

Five Women on Boat

We're supporting Sea Change, a team of six environmental professionals taking on the GB Row Challenge, an ultimate endurance event and one of the world's toughest rows.

What is The GB Row Challenge?

Setting off June 2024, Sea Change hope to be the third all female crew to row around the entire coast of Great Britain unassisted. Not only do teams need to row 2,000 miles, they face some of the most complex seas, tides, and conditions - making this challenge different from any other endurance rowing event.

Dr Kat Bruce, Chrissy Durkin, Laura Fantuzzi, Aoife Luscombe, Jessica McIver and Lorena Nichols will set off from London's Tower Bridge, after which they can not accept any support or provisions, including any man-made objects for shelter and mooring. They'll take all the food and supplies needed for the expedition with them, which means a lot of dehydrated rations! Crews typically complete the challenge in 4-6 weeks, rowing 24hrs a day in alternating 2hr shifts.  

Mapping the Health of British Waters

Sea Change will also collect scientific data on marine pollution and biodiversity, contributing to an effort to map the health of British Coastal waters in unprecedented detail, all while telling the stories of amazing coastal conservation and restoration projects and inspiring others to take action.

This project is in partnership with Portsmouth University's Citizen science programme where researchers are studying the efforts of marine pollution. The Rossiter 3 Ocean Rowing Boats are fitted with equipment to collect data on temperature, salinity, microplastics, underwater sound and biodiversity.

"Nature has a incredible ability to bounce back given half a chance. All around the country there is work going on to support, protect & regenerate coastal ecosystems and embed sustainable practices".

Our Support

We've provided the team with our Changing Robes to support their training efforts and time on the boat. Sea Change opted for robes from our Second Life Collection which saves imperfect but completely functional products from landfill, in the colour 'Ocean'.

We'll continue to share the team's progress across our social channels, and paddle out to meet them as they pass our shoreline in North East Scotland this Summer.

Find Out More

Follow SeaChange on Instagram below and find out more about GB Row - the World's Toughest Row here.

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Sea Change Row Challenge
Sea Change Row Challenge
GB Row Challenge
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