Ghost net 1000

180kg Of Net Removed & Counting!
Seashell's Ghost Net 1000 Campaign

Our Ghost Net 1000 Campaign is a bold initiative aimed at removing one tonne (1000kg) of ghost nets from our shores by the end of the year. Utilising the sunnier days for longer hunting trips! But we're not stopping there.

Our mission extends beyond mere cleanup; we are committed to recycling or repurposing the recovered nets, giving them new life and purpose.

Next Steps

What Are We Doing With The Net?

While we're still in the planning phases, we have a few ideas! At the moment, the net and rope we've recovered are being stored in our yard (and even in the back of trucks and gardens!). We'll gradually clean and separate the materials as we progress.

Our primary aim is to keep it out of landfills, hence we're fully committed to recycling or repurposing alternatives.



Waterhaul combat the issue of discarded and lost ghost fishing gear by transforming it into valuable new products. We proudly use their folding pocket knives recycled from 100% gill net during our own clean-up efforts!