Postman Dips everyday for 50 days.

Postman Dips everyday for 50 days.

Welcome to our Seashell blog posts where we dive into the stories of the Seashell people. We hope to use this space and platform to inspire others and to start important conversations.    

We set a challenge to dip everyday in the month of October. People from all over the world joined in. From the sea to bath tubs. Here is a blog from one of our Seashell dippers and how it went for him during the month.

Man at the sea in snow

"I found some incredible rock pools around Newburgh and Cove that I nicknamed mermaid baths"!

Name, Location & Occupation?

Nathan, Cruden Bay, Postie. 

What is a fun fact about you?

I lived, worked and travelled in Asia for 6 years where my I found my two Balinese rescue dogs

How long have you been dipping/swimming for in general?

On and off roughly about 2 years or so.

How did you find out about the Seashell dip a day challenge?

Through Instagram.  

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Why did you decide to take part in the challenge?

I like having challenges that force me to push myself, physically, mentally or in the case of the October challenge both.

Swimming in the sunset

How did you find it physically and mentally during the challenge?

Physically I found my body began to adapt pretty quickly to the cold water, on day one I think I had three pairs of lycra shorts on with thick neoprene gloves and booties, half way through the month I'd converted to just a pair of budgie smugglers and my smile. 

Mentally the biggest obstacle was the initial push to just get in, especially the nights where id finish work late and have to go at night, or when the weather was particularly turbulent. I just had to get myself into a headspace of adversity making sure I wasbarrelling into the surf with the biggest grin during those dark stormy dips.

"share interests and beliefs can form important support systems and forge life long connections and bonds".

Hiking in the mountains

Where did you dip? Sea, rivers, lochs, barrel, shower, bath etc?

I actually had a combination of most of the above. Regular spots for me were the harbour and beach at Cruden Bay which I'm lucky enough to live a short stroll from, but I had some spectacular dips after hikes in and around the highlands and also up and down the Aberdeenshire coast. 

I'd always have some gear in my car so if I finished early I would pick a stretch of coast and go exploring looking for adventurous little spots. I found some incredible rock pools around Newburgh and Cove that I nicknamed mermaid baths.

Sea swimming

Rated No.1 

"Seashell Robes have the best robes on the market and they’re growing in popularity."  

"Not only do Seashell make waterproof changing robes, but they also have their own community. Seashell practice what they preach and put their products to good use in wild swimming and fitness community events up in Scotland."  

What is your favourite piece of seashell kit and why?

I really like the black changing robe, I'm hoping that I can smash some overtime out and treat myself to one.

Did you have a favourite spot?

I mean Hackley Bay is pretty incredible IYKYK!

What did you learn during this challenge?

How therapeutic cold water dipping was for both my physical and mental health. I felt fantastic during the 31 days and even decided to carry on up to 50 days of dips. I had a great sense of clarity and calm and actively looked forward to that time of the day when I could go out and enjoy the water.

Man walking into water with snow

1 piece of advice for others who may be interested in getting into dipping?

Stay safe!! If going solo let someone know where you're going, and how long you plan to be. Have everything you need prepped for when you get out the water to get your body temp back up, water bottle in change robe, hot drink, big fluffy socks etc.

In what way is mental health and community important to you?

I think its important to safeguard your mental health by building resilience, I'm a big advocate of Stoicism and creating a ‘bulletproof’ mind. I believe getting out of your comfort zone and subjecting yourself to external stressors enables you to be more in control of internal struggles and inner noise like self doubt, anxiety and depression. 

Following on Community is important to me as it can forma pillar of mental health. Having like minded, kind and positive individuals around you that share interests and beliefs can form important support systems and forge life long connections and bonds. I'm fairly new to this are of the world, having only been in the NE for just over a year and CANT WAIT!! To get more involved with the phenomenal Seashell community.

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Thank you very much to Nathan for his interview. We are always excited to see his adventures online and look forward to having him along to future meetups.

Our aim is to share other people's stories. Whether you have a story about mental health, community or why you started wild swimming for example. 

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