Protecting Our Playground: Join Seashell's Clean-Up Crew

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We believe that the ocean is more than a playground for adventure seekers; it's also a precious ecosystem that deserves our protection.

Why Beach Cleans Matter

Our beaches are home to a diverse range of marine life and serve as vital habitats for countless species. Unfortunately, beaches around the world are facing increasing threats from pollution, including plastic waste, oil spills, and other forms of debris.

Beach cleans play a crucial role in mitigating these threats by removing harmful litter from our coastlines. Not only do they help protect marine life and ecosystems, but they also ensure that our beaches remain safe and enjoyable for everyone to visit.

Seashell Beach Cleans

We've dedicated ourselves to organising monthly beach cleans from February 2024, it's a welcome addition to our weekly dips and we often combine sea dipping as part of the morning fun. As part of our commitment to ocean conservation, we announced our partnered with Neptune's Pirates, a leading ocean conservation charity. We're also working alongside their Coastal Debris Campaign team collaborating on clean ups in 2024. These events are open to anyone who shares our passion for protecting the environment and enjoys spending time outdoors.

By joining to volunteer at our beach cleans, you'll have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in your community while connecting with like-minded individuals who share your love for the ocean. Whether you're an experienced beach cleaner or new to environmental activism, there's a place for you on our team.

What have we found so far?

Sadly, but not surprisingly, we find a lot of ghost nets and other discarded fishing gear. Ghost nets, named so because they drift in the ocean long after they are lost or abandoned, are typically made of durable materials such as nylon or polyethylene, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean. However, when these nets are lost or discarded, they can become a serious threat to marine life. As they drift with ocean currents, ghost nets can entangle a wide range of marine species, including fish, sea turtles, dolphins, seals, and even whales. Once entangled, these animals may struggle to free themselves, leading to injury, suffocation, or death.

Our volunteers have also found an incredible amount of plastic on each coastal clean up mission. Of course, addressing plastic pollution requires a multi-faceted approach, including reducing plastic consumption, improving waste management systems, and promoting recycling and the use of alternative materials. By taking collective action to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and properly manage plastic waste, we can help protect our oceans and coastal environments for future generations. 

Direct Action Can Be Small!

It may not feel enough, but every piece of litter removed does make a difference. This doesn't just mean cleaning up when visiting the coast. The Marine Conservation Society estimate that 80% of litter in the sea started on land, so picking up anything wherever you find it will help the problem at large. 

It fills our volunteers with a sense of accomplishment watching the environment transform before their eyes. Our cleans last on average 1.5-2 hours and you can drop in and out however suits. Depending on what we're picking up, each person averages 1-3 large bags of trash.

How To Get Involved

We announce monthly clean up dates on our Instagram, available to follow below. Turn on notifications to receive updates across our posts and stories. All ages are welcome, in fact, it's a great way to connect children with the natural world. We host our coastal clean ups in and around Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. 

We provide all the necessary equipment, including gloves, bags, hoops, and litter pickers, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference. We use recycled kit from Waterhaul, a company that transforms ocean trash into purposeful products.

beach clean
beach clean

Come and join us!

Join us every Saturday at 10am at the Fittie end of Aberdeen beach for invigorating dips in the sea. The refreshing waters will not only revitalize your body but also uplift your spirits, offering a perfect blend of mental clarity and physical well-being.

For updates on volunteering at beach cleans, joining adventure days, and other upcoming events please see our social media pages.

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