The Best 5 Lochs to Swim in Scotland.

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Today we are going to have a look at the top 5 Lochs to swim in Scotland. We have also made a YouTube video showing all the Lochs in more detail. If you would like to see the video, see all the lochs and their locations then click the text below and comment on the video saying “Hello” so we know you have come from the blog.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Seashell, this is Coralie Dee here. Today, I'm thrilled to take you on a journey through the breathtaking beauty of Scotland as I share my top 5 favorite loch swims from the "Top 10 Highest Lochs in Scotland" challenge that I embarked on with my Dad back in 2021. From remote wilderness to serene blue waters, these lochs have left an indelible mark on my adventurous soul. In no particular order, let's get started:

1. Lochnagar: A Hidden Gem in the Cairngorms.

Our journey begins with Lochnagar, nestled in the northeastern region of Scotland within the Cairngorms National Park. While most people flock to summit the iconic mountain, Lochnagar, the loch itself remains a well-kept secret. Despite its frigid waters, a swim in Lochnagar is an exhilarating experience. Surrounded by towering mountains, it offers a unique perspective of the landscape, making it an unmissable gem for wild swimming enthusiasts.

2. Fuar Loch Mor: The Most Remote Loch in Scotland.

Fuar Loch Mor, recognized as the most remote location in Scotland, took us on an epic adventure. The journey to this hidden treasure was as remarkable as the loch itself. A long bike ride, a magical causeway between two lochs, and a challenging hike awaited us. The views on the way back left us spellbound, as if we were on the set of a fantasy film. For those seeking solitude and a true escape from civilization, Fuar Loch Mor is an unforgettable destination. Camping by the bothy is a great option for those looking to savor this remote paradise over two days.

3. Choire Lochan: A Munro Adventure with Scenic Rewards.

After a scenic bike ride along Loch Affric, our path led us to Choire Lochan. Snow-capped mountains surrounded us, adding a touch of magic to our journey. Though the loch initially felt eerie, it soon transformed into a holiday-like oasis. Sunlight filtered through the clouds, casting a gentle glow on the tranquil blue waters. Choire Lochan offers a unique blend of Munro bagging and loch swimming, making it a must-visit for adventurous souls.

4. Loch Avon: A hidden Beauty in the Cairngorms.

Loch Avon, located near the Aviemore ski slopes in the Cairngorms National Park, provided a contrasting experience. Accessible from the Loch Etachan side, it welcomed us with torrential rain. Yet, the sheer beauty of this long loch, with its pristine blue waters and sandy beaches, was awe-inspiring. A dramatic hillside, complete with a stunning waterfall, added to the enchantment. Loch Avon's famous "shelter stone," a lifesaver in stormy conditions, is a unique feature worth exploring. I can't wait to return to this loch on a sunny day to see its full splendor.

5. Loch Coire an Lochan: Scotland's Highest Loch.

Our final destination, Loch Coire an Lochan, stands as the highest loch in the United Kingdom. Nestled near the summit of Ben Macdui, the second-highest mountain in the UK, this loch is an adventure in itself. There's no distinct path to reach it; you must ascend, keeping your sights set on the summit. Despite visiting during summer, the water was icy cold due to snow melt. However, what sets this loch apart is the strikingly intense blue color of its waters. It's a breathtaking sight that will stay with you forever. I found it hard to leave the water because of its beauty.

In conclusion.

In conclusion, these five lochs have enriched my life with unforgettable experiences and a deeper connection to nature. Each one offers a unique adventure, from remote seclusion to awe-inspiring beauty. I encourage you all to get out there, explore, and discover the hidden gems of our world.


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