We're With The Pirates!

Captain Paul Watson of Neptune's Pirates

There are few organisations with such unwavering dedication to their mission. Neptune's Pirates of The Captain Paul Watson Foundation are a prominent force in marine conservation, advocating for the protection of ocean ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

First Contact

We first partnered with Neptune's Pirates in late 2023 with the announcement of our Christmas Giving Campaign. Instead of a sale or promotion, we pledged to donate 10% of website sale profits over a two-week festive period to an organisation or charity aligned with our values.

Neptune's Pirates were an obvious first choice; our team has been lifelong supporters of Captain Paul Watson and his work, and his foundation aligns with our own love for the ocean. As a brand, it is where we draw our inspiration, and we are committed to taking action to protect it.

Aligned Values

Since the beginning, Seashell has been more than just a clothing brand. We've fostered a presence in the community by promoting the Seashell Spirit, a call to action aimed at connecting others with the natural world; notably through our weekly sea dips, cold water challenges, and adventure days.

Our initial discussions with the foundation were positive, brimming with ideas and a shared hope for collaboration extending beyond the two-week Giving Campaign period. By early 2024, we had established a plan outlining various ways we could support Neptune's Pirates on an ongoing basis. This included direct action within our community, raising awareness, publicly voicing support, and providing ongoing financial donations to aid in the success of their missions. 

Our Commitments:

From February 2024, we dedicated ourselves to conducting monthly beach cleans, and tracking the amount of rubbish collected. We're liaising with the Neptune's Pirates Coastal Debris Campaign which aims to remove some of the 86million tons of plastic from our oceans.

We're supporting the on-board crews and Ghost Net Diving crews with Changing Robe donations, and we have an exciting Seashell x Neptune's Pirates announcement coming Spring/Summer 2024 to stay tuned for. 

Find Out More

Read more about our partnership and pledges here, and thank you for your support. 

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Ship Crew
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Ship Fleet
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Come and join us!

Join us every Saturday at 10am at the Fittie end of Aberdeen beach for invigorating dips in the sea. The refreshing waters will not only revitalize your body but also uplift your spirits, offering a perfect blend of mental clarity and physical well-being.

For updates on volunteering at beach cleans, joining adventure days, and other upcoming events please see our social media pages.

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