From Surf to Sand: Why changing robes Are a Game Changer for Beachgoers


In the UK, even in the heat of summer, the sea temperature remains a brisk 15 degrees Celsius – a chilly barrier that doesn’t deter the hardiest of beachgoers. Many of us are ready to brave the water all year round, with cold water swimming becoming an increasingly popular trend in the past few years. Having to exit the water, however, can still be very off-putting, especially when it’s just you, your swimming wetsuit, and a towel, with no changing facilities in sight.

A changing robe is designed with this exact scenario in mind. Imagine this: it’s windy, you’re cold and wet to the bone. A changing robe is presented to you with enough room inside the robe to get changed, so you can dry off, warm up and get changed all at the same time – much like a portable changing room! For beach lovers, surfers, and all who enjoy the chilly waters of the ocean, the emergence of changing robes has revolutionised the experience of changing clothes at the beach

What is a changing robe?

A changing robe, or as some prefer to call it, a changing robe, is a waterproof and windproof robe designed to protect your modesty while you change. It’s the perfect hybrid of a beach towel and a waterproof coat, which is exactly why beachgoers have been raving about it. 

Will a Seashell changing robe Keep Me Warm?

Absolutely! The Seashell Changing Robe is highly insulating, crafted from a plush 360gms fleece lining and sherpa inner. Compare that to a regular towel, which can leave you shivering as it clings to your wet skin.

Perfect for Sea Swimming

Swimming in the sea offers a unique and exhilarating experience due to its vast, unpredictable environment, providing a sense of adventure and exploration not found in swimming pools or lakes. Encounters with marine life like dolphins and the physical challenge of navigating waves and currents enhance the enjoyment and make sea swimming a great workout, improving strength and cardiovascular health.

But to swim in the sea you need the right gear! The Seashell Changing Robe offers warmth and dryness after water activities, doubling as an everyday jacket that protects you from the wind and rain. 

Why changing robes Are a Game Changer for Beachgoers

Temperature Regulation:

One of the primary benefits of changing robes is their ability to regulate temperature. The insulated, windproof, and waterproof design provides warmth after emerging from the cold sea, making beach outings enjoyable even on cooler days.

Privacy and Convenience When Changing:

Changing out of a swimming wetsuit and into your clothes is definitely one of the more awkward aspects of a day out at the beach. With a changing robe, you can change discreetly and comfortably within its spacious interior. 


Changing robes are not just for swimmers or surfers; they are versatile enough for various beach activities. Their use extends beyond the beach, too—ideal for camping trips, outdoor sports events, and more, making them a versatile investment in outdoor comfort.

Ease of Maintenance:

Designed for daily use without the need for drying, changing robes are easy to care for. The Seashell Changing Robe can be worn throughout the day, from your morning stroll to the beach, and in the cool evening air. 

Stylish Beach Accessory:

Seashell Changing Robes come in a variety of different colours, presenting as a stylish beach accessory while staying functional. 


Made from Sustainable Materials

All of our changing robes are crafted from 100% recycled nylon and polyester. We reduce the number of plastic bottles destined for landfill by repurposing them into the inner fleece of the Seashell Changing Robe . Our towelling robes are produced from organic cotton, which reduces pesticide use and supports friendly agriculture and better conditions for farmers. Your changing robe will arrive in recycled plastic or paper as we aim to minimise unnecessary waste. We background check all of our material suppliers to ensure ethical practices throughout our product line. 

What is a Good Alternative to a changing robe?

For summer weather, beachgoers should try out the Seashell Towelling Robe , a loose-fitting garment made primarily from terrycloth. Known for its super absorbency and soft, fluffy texture, terrycloth makes changing robes not just a functional and stylish piece but a comfortable one too. The Seashell Towelling Robe is designed to be spacious enough inside to allow changing, enabling you to dry off, warm up, and change clothes all within the warmth and privacy of the robe. It offers a unique solution for changing in comfort with its innovative sleeve design and spacious body room. This design allows users to easily and discreetly change inside the robe, providing both privacy and convenience in any outdoor setting.

Shop changing robes at Seashell Clothing

Explore our range of women’s, men’s, and children’s changing robes at Seashell Clothing , designed to keep everyone snug and dry whatever the weather. Whether you need a kids changing robe, an insulating changing robe, or a stylish yet functional towel robe, our selection offers quality, comfort, and style for all your beachgoing needs.

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