Lisa Outdoors takes on the dip a day challenge.

Lisa Outdoors takes on the dip a day challenge.

Welcome to our Seashell blog posts where we dive into the stories of the Seashell people. We hope to use this space and platform to inspire others and to start important conversations.    

We set a challenge to dip everyday in the month of October. People from all over the world joined in. From the sea to bath tubs. Here is a blog from one of our Seashell dippers and how it went for her during the month.

Woman in the river

"I’m really passionate about sharing the positives of the outdoors, dipping in particular"!

Name, Location & Occupation?

Lisa, West Yorkshire, currently unemployed.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a boardgame lover and spent a lot of lockdown playing boardgames online with my best friend, at opposite ends of the country.

How long have you been dipping/swimming for in general? 

I have been cold water dipping for nearly 2 years, having started in December 2020.

How did you find out about the Seashell dip a day challenge?

Via Instagram.  

Woman smiling in the river
Walking on a pier

Why did you decide to take part in the challenge?

I decided to take part as I’m at a bit of a turning point in my life. Having recently moved back to North from Cornwall, it seemed like a good focus for starting this new chapter. I also really wanted to push myself and knew it would be more of a challenge now I don’t have the sea on my doorstep. 

Swimming under a waterfall

How did you find it physically and mentally during the challenge?

Absolutely incredible. Dipping has always been my go to when I am stressed, but having the structure of going everyday and having that reason to get out on the days when I’ve been struggling mentally, has really helped me.

There were only one or two days the whole month when I really had to dig deep to get myself out, but every other day I was raring to go! 

"It reinforced how incredible this community is, but I also learnt a lot about myself".

Where did you dip? Sea, rivers, lochs, barrel, shower, bath etc?

A mix of rivers, lakes and random moorland stream pools! Through the challenge I have swam in the Sea, Rivers and dipped in the barrel (although daily barrel dipping is in my daily routine, usually before bed).

Swimming under a bridge.

Rated No.1 

"Seashell Robes have the best robes on the market and they’re growing in popularity."  

"Not only do Seashell make waterproof changing robes, but they also have their own community. Seashell practice what they preach and put their products to good use in wild swimming and fitness community events up in Scotland."  

What is your favourite piece of seashell kit and why?

I’m torn between my changing robe and my beanie collection. My beanies go everywhere with me, but my robe has a lifesaver in these colder days, both with warming up and making it easier to get changed on the riverbanks. 

Woman with a beanie on

Did you have a favourite spot?

Gaddings Dam, Todmorden. I visited this spot twice through the challenge, but the first time was the most beautiful, calm morning. It was such an incredible experience and something I was proud of myself for doing alone. 

What did you learn during this challenge?

It reinforced how incredible this community is, but I also learnt a lot about myself. I realised how far I’ve come with my confidence, but also in the ways I now deal with stress. I’m really proud of myself for getting out everyday, as when I started, I really didn’t think I would. 

Girl sitting in river

1 piece of advice for others who may be interested in getting into dipping?

Find a local group and go for it. It can be so daunting trying something new, especially alone. But the swimming/dipping community is an incredible and welcoming one. I’d highly recommend looking to see if there’s a local mental health swims groups nearby. 

In what way is mental health and community important to you?

I have really struggled with my mental health, especially over the last few years. Finding cold water dipping, and the community that is involved in it, has been the single most positive thing to have helped me on this journey. Having a safe space where you can switch off, even if just temporarily, is so important. I’m really passionate about sharing the positives of the outdoors, dipping in particular, with others and feel like challenges like this are such a great way to spread the word – so thank you! 

Lisa Padley – Blogger and Content Creator.

Man in waterfall
Jumping into water


Thank you very much to Lisa for her interview. We are always excited to see her adventures online and look forward to one day meeting her in person. 

Our aim is to share other people's stories. Whether you have a story about mental health, community or why you started wild swimming for example. 

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